Technology has brought about tremendous advancements especially in telecommunication devices such as phones. A large population of people across the globe have resorted to using Android phones also commonly called smartphones. Why is that? It’s due to the unique and advanced Android customization. This has made people to prefer Android to IOS. Android customization has made it pretty easier for Smartphone users to access a variety of services on their phones. These can be the ability to change wallpapers, download apps, use apps amongst others.

Are you an Android user who is interested in trying new and very reliable themes? Well, the Android customization has made this possible. Nova launcher themes are like decorations any smartphone user can get on Google App Store. We tend to use these new themes for various reasons such as for fun or to get away the pre-installed customs features and for fun. Themes and icon packs tend to define the aesthetic nature of Android. All these themes and icon packs are available on Play Store for smartphone users. In this article, we are going to look at the 21 Best Nova Launcher themes.



1. Materis


When it comes to designs and beauty, people tend to have a variety of choice. Materis Nova Launcher theme has a design touch and purpose which makes its wallpapers outstanding. It has about 920 icons and over 70 wallpapers. Its icons have unique shadows as well as color palettes. Materis Nova launcher theme also provides other services such as dynamic calendars and updates.

1.0.1. Pros of using Materis.

  1. Has a unique design purpose that makes it captivating.
  2. It has icons which have vibrant colors for easy visibility and beauty.

1.0.2. Cons of using Materis

  1. The many color palettes may fail to impress other Android users.


2. Polycon

Polycon Nova launcher theme is the most popularly downloaded launcher on Google App Store. Its icons have great features such as their colors suits perfect in the in-app wallpapers. This Nova Launcher theme has 800 vector icons and above. These icons are very outstanding and have separate folder icons etc.

2.0.1. Pros of using Polycon

          1. The icons can perfectly fit into an in-app wallpaper.

          2. Has over 800 vector icons which therefore offers alternatives.

2.0.2. Cons of using Polycon

      1. The separate folder icons may fail to fit in an in-app wallpaper.


3. Lines.

We have come across a bunch of Android Nova launcher themes which have used Google Material design. Lines is different since it has its own unique features. It has over 200 wallpapers and more than 2500 icon parks. It also has a widget that looks like an analog clock which makes it way suitable for Android.

3.0.1. Pros of using Lines

1.   Has over 2500 icon parks and 200 wallpapers which offer options to users.

2.  It is unique since it does not use the Google material design like most Nova Launcher themes.

3.0.2. Cons of using Lines

1.  Has a smooth-white icon frame which makes it hard to access the apps.


4. CandyCons

This Nova Launcher theme has fewer outlines and its very clear to use. There is less or no textures around each icon which makes it clearer. It has a similar material color design to Google, this makes it suitable for Android. This great Nova Launcher theme has over 1080 high-quality icons with almost over 20 wallpapers.

4.0.1. Pros  of using CandyCons

           1. It uses a material color design similar to Google.

        2. Has over 20 wallpapers and more than 1080 icons which give users options to consider.

4.0.2. Cons of using CandyCons

 1.  The less or minimal texture on the icons can be less attractive to some users who prefer     vibrant colors.


5. Viral

 Nova launcher themes

The icons in this Nova Launcher theme are slightly dark, well styled and blend very smoothly with dark themes. This Nova launcher theme has over 200 wallpapers but as an Android user, you can still download your wallpaper for way more personified beauty. It has more than 4150 icons. This Nova Launcher theme is available for free on Google App Store.

5.0.1. Pros of using Viral

  1. Has a variety of wallpapers and icon park which makes it suitable for Android
  2. It is available for free on Google App Store.

5.0.2. Cons of using Viral

  1. The dark themes can slightly be less visible to some users with eyesight problems.


6. Delta Icon Pack

This Nova launcher theme has for a while been preferred by millions. It has great features that make it lovable such as it has over 1400 icons and over 20 launchers. If you are a person who does not like shouting colors, Delta is the answer for you. Delta icon pack has icons that have a minimal color design. The beauty of it comes when the light-shake icons are incorporated in some of the in-house wallpapers.

6.0.1. Pros of using Delta Icon Pack

  1. Offers unique wallpapers and icons which comes in a variety.
  2. Has minimal color design which makes it simple to use.

6.0.2. Cons of using Delta Icon Pack

  1. It might fail to impress Android users who love vibrant colors since it has less shouting colors.


7. Glim

 Nova launcher themes

Glim Nova Launcher theme has for a while been used by a large population of Android users. This is due to its outstanding, soft shadow icons that also emulate the Google material color palette. Glim is simple, clean and does not entail cartoon-like characters/designs in its icons. It gives the Android users an option between Glim Dark and Glim. It also offers a number of different wallpapers and its free on Google Play Store.

7.0.1. Pros of using Glim

  1. It is available for free on App Store
  2. Has both Glim Dark and Glim which give the user an alternative

7.0.2. Cons of using Glim

         1. The dark themes make it slightly less visible to users with eyesight problems.


8. Pinn

 Nova launcher themes

This Nova launcher theme has a simple material design. Its icons have outstanding colors and long shadows.

8.0.1. Pros of using Pinn

       1. It is simple and easy to use.

        2. Has very great and unique icons which are preferred by many Android users.

8.0.2. Cons of using Pinn

      1. Its simple material design can be less preferred by many Android users who want vibrant colors.


9. Rugos

 Nova launcher themes

Have you ever seen a picture that has been painted like a portrait? That’s how Rugos looks like. It is like a crumpled paper and unique wallpapers. The icons in this Nova launcher theme are round-shaped and have a captivating touch of colors.

9.0.1. Pros of using Rugos

       1. It is simple and nice looking

       2. Has icons and wallpapers that make it unique.

9.0.2. Cons of using Rugos.

          1. Can be mistaken for a portrait since it looks similar to a paper.


10. Aris

 Nova launcher themes

It is perfect for those Android users who consistently customize their phones. This  Nova Launcher theme offers over 1400 icons and tremendous, outstanding big icons. The icons are well displayed due to their 220×220 pixel. Offers other services such as Dynamic calenders etc.

10.0.1.Pros of using Aris

           1. Offers a variety of icons and wallpapers to suit the preferences of Android users.

         2. Has a high-definition pixel feature which greatly brings out its beauty.

            3. It is available for free.

10.0.2. Cons of using Aris

         1. The big icons it has can be less preferred by users who have many apps in the wallpaper.


11. H2O

 Nova launcher themes

Just like the H20  name suggests, the H20 Nova Launcher theme is made after Hydrogen OS for Android OnePlus devices. It has rounded-shaped and spacious icons which makes it suitable for Android. H20 icon pack has over 3800 icons as well as great looking wallpapers that shouts out its beauty.

 11.0.1.Pros of using H20

           1. Has a couple of wallpapers and icons to suit the wants of Android users.

           2. It is simple to use

         3. It is available for free on Google App Store.

11.0.2. Cons of using H20

            1. Can only be used by OnePlus devices.


12. Pix UI 2.

 Nova launcher themes

This Nova Launcher theme tends to bring out a cool pixel look for your Android device. It has over 6910 icons and 192x192px resolution as well as Quad HD wallpapers.

12.0.1. Pros of using Pix UI 2

        1. Has a guideline on the Google Play Store which gives direction on how to use it.

       2. It is available for free.

12.0.2. Cons of using Pix UI 2.

            1. Its high-definition pixel feature can be overwhelming to users.


13. Retro

This Nova launcher theme is free on the Google App Store. If you are an Android user and you are searching for a unique, classy and captivating Nova launcher, Retro is the theme for you. Its icons have a pinch of yellow in them and other soft colors. Retro has over 1150 icons and 73 wallpapers.

13.0.1.Pros of using Retro

      1. Offers a variety of Wallpapers and icons to serve the preferences of different users.

     2. It is available on Google Play Store for free.

      3. It is classic and unique.

13.0.2. Cons of using Retro

         1. Has a variety of colors and a touch of yellow which may not be preferred by Android users who do not like bright colors.


14. Dark Matter

 Nova launcher themes

You might be thinking that the ‘Dark’ name means that this Nova launcher theme is Dark. Definitely not, It is quite clear, has cartoon-like icons which have a touch of different colors. This Dark Matter icon pack has more than 3100 icons and over 30 QHD Wallpapers. Its selling point is $ 3.89.

14.0.1. Pros of using Dark Matter

           1. It has a clear background

           2. It can be accessed on the Google App Store.

           3. Has a variety of icons and QHD wallpapers which gives users alternatives to consider.


14.0.2. Cons of using Dark Matter.

      1. It has a selling point which is $3.89. This is quite expensive for Android lovers.


15. Blackdrop

 Nova launcher themes

     This Nova Launcher theme has a unique touch that will make you fall in love. Its features include  Pixel-like icons, has fewer outlines that make it eye-catching. Its selling point is approximately $ 6.49.It has a shape of a teardrop which definitely brings out its beauty. It has more than 200 distinct wallpapers to consider and hundreds of icons.


15.0.1. Pros of using Blackdrop

         1. It is simple and clearer to use.

         2. Has a unique shape of a teardrop which brings out ist true beauty.

          3. It offers a couple of unique wallpapers and icons.

15.0.2. Cons of using Blackdrop.

      1. Due to its fewer outlines, it might not be considered by Android users who love bright and vibrant colors.

    2. Has quite a very high selling point which may not be affordable by some Android users.


16. Fluxo

 Nova launcher themes

   This Nova Launcher theme is responsible for bringing out the beauty in Android phones. The fluxo theme has icons that cartoon in nature and are enclosed in circles that are grey in color. Its icon pack has more than 2200 icons as well as over 20 QHD wallpapers.


16.0.1.Pros of using Fluxo

     1. Uses cartoon-like icons which can be attracted to many.

      2. Has a variety of icons and wallpapers for users to have options.

     3. It is available on Google Play Store for free.

16.0.2. Cons of using Fluxo.

         1. The icons can consume a lot of space due to their round-shapes.


17. Voxel

 Nova launcher themes

   This Nova Launcher theme is characterized by square-shaped icons that are well arranged. It has a few long shadows and flat icon. Voxel icon pack has over 4000 icons and more than 20 wallpapers. This Nova launcher tends to bring out an innocent view of a user’s device.

17.0.1. Pros of using Voxel

           1. Has a great number of icons and wallpapers which gives users options to consider.

          2. It is available for free on Google Play Store.


17.0.2. Cons of using Voxel.

                   1. The square-shaped icons might accommodate a lot of space leaving other apps out.


18. Paper

 Nova launcher themes

It is based on more advanced and spacious Nova themes. Paper Nova launcher theme has colorful icons which seemingly resembles a torn paper. It has over 5000 highly-defined icons which give the user options to consider. This leads to producing of a variety of unique wallpapers. Its price is $4.49.


18.0.1. Pros of using Paper.

           5. It is classy and simple to use.

            6. Offers a number of wallpapers and icons for users to choose.

18.0.2. Cons of using Paper.

  1. Can be mistaken with a torn out paper.

 2.    Has a high selling price of $4.49.


19. Flight

 Nova launcher themes

Are you a person who likes less and not so colorful wallp[papers or themes? The flight is the theme for you. It has over 2500 icons and almost 200 wallpapers. Flight Nova lai=uncher is characterized by less colorful designs.

19.0.1. Pros of using Flight.

           1. Has a variety of wallpapers and icons that makes it easy to have options.

           2. It is available for free on Google App Store.

           3. It is colorful and thus very beautiful.

19.0.2.Cons of using Flight

         1. Can be less preferred by Android users who do not like colorful wallpapers.


20. Umbra

 Nova launcher themes

Have you ever imagined having a Nova theme that gives the pictures of features outside this world? Umbra is the theme to consider. This epic icon pack has a couple of icons which are round and has a robust dark shadow as well as thick black characters. Umbra has over 4360 icons. The app has features such as 50 QHD wallpapers.

20.0.1. Pros of using Umbra

         1. Offers a variety of wallpapers and icons for users to consider.

         2. Has QHD wallpapers which makes it outstanding.

20.0.2. Cons of using Umbra.

         1. Has a higher selling point (Price is $44.29).


21. GLIF

 Nova launcher themes

The selling point of this Nova Launcher theme is approximately $4.79. The Nova theme is best suitable for Android users who have a passion for colors. It has bright-colored icons which are surrounded by bold outlines. The icons also have shiny white stripes. GLIF Nova Launcher icon pack has more than 1170 icons.

21.0.1. Pros of using GLIF

       1. Offers a variety of colors that are in the icons.

        2. Has a couple of wallpapers and icons for users to consider other various choices.

21.0.2. Cons of using GLIF.

           1. Has a very high selling point that is $4.79, which some Android users may find it hard to afford.



Android users now have a variety of best Nova Launcher themes that they can choose as per their preferences so as to bring out the beauty in their smartphones. These Nova launchers are available on Google Play Store.

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