Bash script and /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory


I’m learning through this tutorial to learn bash scripts to automate a few tasks for me. I’m connecting to a server using putty.

The script, located in .../Documents/LOG, is:

# My first script
echo "Hello World!"

And I executed the following for read/write/execute permissions

chmod 755 my_script

Then, when I enter ./my_script, I’m getting the error given in the title.

Some similar questions wanted to see these, so I think they might help:

which bash



echo $PATH


I tried adding current directory to PATH, but that doesn’t work..


I have seen this issue when creating scripts in Windows env and then porting over to run on a Unix environment.

Try running dos2unix on the script:

Or just rewrite the script in your Unix env using vi and test.

Unix uses different line endings so can’t read the file you created on Windows. Hence it is seeing ^M as an illegal character.

If you want to write a file on Windows and then port over, make sure your editor is set to create files in UNIX format.

In notepad++ in the bottom right of the screen, it tells you the document format. By default, it will say DosWindows. To change it go to

  • settings->preferences
  • new document / default directory tab
  • select the format as unix and close
  • create a new document


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