Backbone save without set on callback

Asked By: Anonymous

I have a drag&drop functionality in my web app. As the user releases the mouse after a drag&drop, the position of the object is saved to the server using Backbone’s save() method on the model. When the server responds, it triggers a set() on the model with the returned properties. However, in the time the server was processing the request, the user might already have again dragged the object to a different position. This causes problems as the response from the server will now override the settings of the object in the browser.

Is there a way to prevent Backbone from doing the set() after it gets the response from the server after the save()?


Answered By: Anonymous

I now use the following solution:

Override the default parse method of a model:

Backbone.Model.prototype.parse = function(resp, options) {
        return resp;

Now, you can use the save method with the property ‘parse’ set to false to prevent the ajax response to override your current values:{}, { parse: false });

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