ag-Grid onCellEditingStopped event does not provide previous value

Asked By: Anonymous

I am using ag-Grid onCellEditingStopped event handler to get the changed value of a grid cell.

onCellEditingStopped: function(event) {
    // event.value present the current cell value

But it does not provide the previous value (the value before the change happens). Is there anyway to get the previous value ?

My current solution:

I am using onCellEditingStarted event to store the current cell value in a separate variable and use that variable inside the onCellEditingStopped event handler function. But it is not a clear solution.



Answered By: Anonymous

you can use value Setter function for that column as below.

    valueSetter: function (params) {



       if (params.oldValue !== params.newValue) {
           //["comments"] = params.newValue;
           return true;
       else {
           return false;

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