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11 best Wayback machine alternatives

The current world we live in is digitally advanced and most people own websites as well as maintain them. In this article, we are going to base on 11 Best Wayback Machine Alternative.

A Wayback Machine acts like an Archive that stores information that dates from the past to present. In this case, It is an advanced digital archive of information in the World Wide Web (WWW)  stored by the Internet Archive storage on the Internet. Hence, a Wayback machine enables netizens to have a clear view and design of websites that were present in the early 1990s to date. On using the Wayback Machine, one can simply access the archived content of several websites even if the content is non-existence on the website sources.  It also has a collectivist characteristic thus it is termed as Web Pioneers collection.

What makes the Wayback Machine Alternative recommendable? It aids in accessing data of websites that was deleted and to structure business plans. Thus, a Wayback Machine acts like History as it contains the outline and history of a particular Website and its developmental project.

Here are the 11 Best Wayback  Machine Alternative.


In dire need to know the history of a website? is the solution for you. It works by outlining all screenshots of the website’s past. This Wayback  Machine Alternative shows two corresponding screenshots: one from the past and other from the present. The date when the screenshots were taken and updated is also indicated at the bottom end of the screenshots. is responsible for archiving and saving screenshots for future reference. Hence, the more you update information on your website, the higher the number of screenshots on the webpage.


1.0.1: Merits of using

         1. Simple to use and navigate.

         2. Aids in archiving and saving screenshots which are recorded for future reference.

         3. Provides information on the history of a particular website.

1.0.2: Demerits of using

        1. On upgrading, it can be expensive to purchase.




2.  is a very efficient  Wayback Machine Alternative to consider using for your website. It simply takes and stores snapshots of the pages on the website. One might experience some changes while using it, but the pictures still look exactly the same for future reference. It does not matter where you are or at what time, will take and save a graphical copy with no stress.

2.0.1: Merits of using

         1. Has the capability to take and save graphical copies and also texts simultaneously.

          2. It can be used regardless of a person’s geographical location.

           3. It is simple to use and navigate.

          4. It can as well as be used for texting.

2.0.2: Demerits of using

1. Can be mainly used by the website owners and maintainers. (experts).


Visit the    


3. Domain Tools

Is a highly recommendable Wayback Machine alternative. Helps web maintainers and owners in checking ownership details as well as the dates when the domain was created and registered. As a web owner, you are required to place a domain name on a version called non.www in the search box. This will automatically bring all the screenshots of that certain domain from the database.


3.0.1:  Merits of using Domain Tools.

 1. Aids in providing crucial information regarding the website such as the owner’s credentials and the date of registration.

2. It’s highly efficient and easy to navigate.

3. Screenshots on this machine are easily accessible.

3.0.2: Demerits of using Domain Tools

          1. The owner’s website credentials can be viewed by other people which can lead to hacking.


Visit Domain Tools

4. Alexa

Alexa has been highly praised and used by millions across the world even children. This Wayback Machine Alternative is a product of It aids in providing the ultimate history of a website as well as details on what has been browsed. With Alexa,  you only require keywords and you will receive the data. One can also find information regarding the pages that have garnered a high number of views and visits.

4.0.1: Merits of using Alexa

        1. Keywords are very important when using this Wayback Machine Alternative.

        2. Provides information on the number of visits and views of a given page.

        3. Aids in giving an adequate history of a particular website.

4.0.2: Demerits of using Alexa.

         1. Due to a high population of users, it requires a lot of Data to log in.

Visit Alexa

5. iTools


iTools has very distinct and unique features from other Wayback Machine Alternatives. It helps in the provision of adequate information on a website. This website can also help you causing traffic on your website as well as keeping track of competitors who use a similar website. It also aids in accessing the database of Alexa.

5.0.1: Merits of using of iTools.

          1. You can easily view how other competitors’  websites are fairing on.

          2. Provides accurate and complete information on a website.

           3. Can also be used to access the Database of Alexa.

5.0.2: Demerits of using iTools

           1. It can cause stiff competition from other websites since one can easily see how          

other competitors are working.

Visit  iTools

  6. PageFreezer

Looking for a Wayback Machine Alternative to archive social media data, blogs, and websites? Page freezer is the ultimate solution to consider. It functions similarly to Google. PageFreezer is automated; it automatically takes screenshots which eases your work.

 6.0.1: Merits of using PageFreezer

            1. It never requires a software installation before use.

             2. Aids in proper protection of all data on the website.

             3. It is simple to use and navigate.

6.0.2: Demerits of using PageFreezer

        1. Some screenshots to unnecessary pop-up add that are not useful to the website.


Visit PageFreezer


7. Stillio Automatic Screenshots


Wayback Machine Alternative

If you are in search of a  Wayback Machine Alternative Stillio is the solution. It has unique and simple to use features. Stillio is an automated Wayback Machine Alternative that for years has proven to be efficient in archiving website contents.

7.0.1: Merits of using Stillio Automatic Screenshots.

         1. It is less time consuming due to its well-organized nature.

         2. It is automated which makes work easier for the user.

7.0.2: Demerits of using Stillio Automatic Screenshots.

          1. One can wrongly click on a page which is unnecessary due to its automatic feature.

Visit Stillio Automatic Screenshots

8. WebCite

It is a very useful and recommendable Wayback Machine Alternative especially for authors and research paper writers.

8.0.1: Merits of using WebCite

            1. It is easily accessible.

             2. Easy and faster in archiving web documents.

             3. Highly reliable.


8.0.2: Demerits of using WebCite.

          1. It has features fit for authors and writers and hence makes it inappropriate for other website users.

Visit Webcite

9. YubNub.

Wayback Machine Alternative

Having a problem with operating other Wayback Machine Alternatives? YubNub is the way to go. It is easy and simple to use. It has great features that make it easier and simple to use.  When you are in dire need of accessing internet archives, I highly recommend you go for Yubnub. It is easily commendable hence making it quicker to gain access to archived information.

9.0.1: Merits of using YubNub

           1. It has features that make it easy to use and navigate.

            2. It is easy to command which eases work.

            3. It’s highly recommendable due to its efficiency and quicker access to archived data.

9.0.2: Demerits of using YubNub

         Due to its easy command, can lead to the opening of other irrelevant web pages.

Visit YubNub

10. Competitor Screenshots

Wayback Machine Alternative

    Competitor Screenshots aims at aiding a website owner file tabs against competitors.  It also helps in accessing useful information that will enable you to compete with other competitors.

10.0.1: Merits of using Competitor Screenshots

            1. One must sign up to gain access to its service.

             2. Signing up Is free, in case you need to upgrade is where you will be charged.

             3. Helps to keep track of other competitors businesses.

10.0.2: Demerits of using Competitor Screenshots

            1. It can lead to hacking due to the ability of one to view how other competitors are fairing on.

Visit website


11. WHO.IS

Wayback Machine Alternative

      It is highly applicable when searching for crucial information on a particular website. This can include information about the owner and the date it was set. It does not take screenshots like other Wayback Machine Alternatives.

                  11.0.1: Merits of using WHO.IS

                                1. It easy to use and navigate.

                                 2. Data is easily retrievable.

                  11.0.2: Demerits of using WHO.IS

                               1. It does not provide screenshots which makes it hard to keep a track of a history of a website.

      Visit WHO.IS


In conclusion, having a reliable and efficient Wayback Machine Alternative is a number one priority for any website owner. This will help you in archiving all the internet content about the website. 

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