10 Best and Free PDF Editor Linux

PDF has become the preferred industry standard format when sharing documents in electronic format. Today’s PDF documents contain text, images, embedded fonts, hyperlinks, and interactive buttons.


So what happens when you wish to edit a PDF? The list below features some Best and Free PDF Editor for Linux that can definitely come to the rescue when the need arises.

1. Okular


  best linux pdf editor

Okular’s popularity goes without saying. View and make some basic edits on your documents and PDFs. Easily make selections and copy parts of your PDF documents as you wish. These selections can be further saved as images from the clipboard. A tab tools review offers you several useful options. You get pop-up notes, highlighter, inline notes, line drawing, stamp, and other options.

Why go for Okular;

  • Open source.
  • Support for many file formats.

Where Okular falls short;

To copy, convert and print some PDF documents DRM restrictions have to be turned off.


2. Foxit Reader


 best linux pdf editor

Presenting an easy to use interface, Foxit Reader brings to the table a secure and fast PDF reader and editor. With Foxit reader at your disposal viewing, signing, creating, printing and editing PDF files becomes a walk in the park.

Current versions of Foxit Reader offer an inbuilt virus protection.

Why go for Foxit Reader;

  •  Installation and operation are really fast.
  • An option for safe reading is available.
  • Installation size is small.
  • For social media enthusiasts, there are buttons enabling the sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tabs open and work with a convenient tabbed interface.

Where Foxit Reader falls short;

  • Complex PDF files present a challenge and fail to display well.
  • No option for creation of digital signatures.


3. LibreOffice Draw


 best linux pdf editor

Today you will be gifted with a pre-installed package of LibreOffice with your Linux OS. LibreOffice Draw allows you to import as well as edit PDF files. Though limited in some aspects LibreOffice Draw still provides you with a useful means to edit PDF files.

Why go for LibreOffice Draw;

  •  Completely Open Source software.
  •  Cross-platform availability
  •  A user interface that is user-friendly.
  •  Quite Easy to use and work around.
  •  Improved features, import, and export work better.
  • Where LibreOffice Draw falls short

Where LibreOffice Draw falls short

  • Templates available for use are quite a few.
  •  The interface is at times awkward.
  •  Unsupported formats here and there.


4. Master PDF Editor


best linux editor

Versatility is one key feature you will notice when using Master PDF Editor to work on your PDF documents. With this PDF editor, you can comfortably edit text, images, and forms. Easily split and or merge your documents. Creating, removing and editing bookmarks is also a breeze.

PDF file signature handling and document signing is another great aspect of this software.

Why go for Master PDF Editor;

  •    Create PDF documents directly from your scanner.
  •    Editing of PDF text, bookmarks, images
  •    PDF optimization.
  •    Merging and splitting of PDF pages.
  •    Enhance your PDF with watermarks, backgrounds, headers, footers document actions, and much more.
  •    Encryption support, 256 bit AES level.


5. Scribus


best linux pdf editor

Yes, this desktop publishing application can edit PDF files. With basic PDF editing abilities under its belt, Scribus creates PDF files adding features and controls. Add controls and form features when you like. If you need those interesting interactive PDF that sometimes contains animation, Scribus is a viable option.

Why go for Scribus;

  • Good PDF compression with options.
  •  Lossless scaling of files, no quality is compromised.
  •  A user interface that is intuitive and well designed.
  • Lightweight and fast working extremely well considering its size.
  • It’s completely free to download and use.
  • Where Scribus falls short;

Where Scribus falls short;

  • Tends to require more memory when working with large PDF files.
  •  The user interface and menus need some redesign to sort out placement and command issues.


6. Inkscape


best linux editor

A remarkable vector design application. As design software, its inbuilt PDF features will allow you to import and edit PDFs a will. One major drawback to using Inkscape is its lack of a multipage feature.

It still works pretty well on single page PDF files.

Why go for Inkscape;

  • Clearly presented tools and options
  • Good selection of tools for drawing and editing graphics objects
  •  A wide range of filters available
  •  Extensions to add new functionality

Where Inkscape falls short;

•    No option for multiple pages


7. PDF Escape


 best linux pdf editor

PDF Escape is unique in that it requires no downloading. Use it from the comfort of your web browser anywhere. PDF Escape is the best one yet when it comes to forms filling or basic PDF editing. By simply uploading your PDF document you can edit, create, annotate and password protect any PDF file of choice.

Why go for PDF Escape;

  • The free account allows plenty of editing capabilities.
  •  It’s free, fast and easy to use.  
  • An interface that is simple and direct.
  •  Functions on all popular browsers

Where PDF Escape falls short;

  • The adverts displayed on the sidebar can be annoying at times.




 best linux pdf editor

It is interesting that a raster based program makes the list of PDF editors. However, it’s worth noting that GIMP will do basic editing and changing. By importing your PDF document and turning it into layers you can edit and export your PDF document with ease.

Why go for GIMP;

  • Free to download and use
  • Simple interface

Where GIMP falls short;

  • The text tool falls short of expectations


9. Evince

best linux pdf editor

One of the most user-oriented document viewers built upon the Gnome environment. Evince features support for several document formats that include PDF, Postscript, and XPS. Evince allows users to edit, print, index, view encrypted documents and conduct document searching using various tools and features.

Why go for Evince;

  • Free and open source software
  • Can find a word in a pdf
  • Good integration with Gnome desktop
  • Can annotate a pdf

Where Evince falls short;

  • Scrolling is not smooth
  • Scroll once, and all thumbs in the side panel are gone…
  • Window can’t be resized
  • You can only read in a small box or fullscreen, no way to manually size window.


10. PDF-Shuffler


 pdf editor

PDF-Shuffler goes the extra yard in simplicity and ease of use. Built on python-gtk, PDF shuffler will split, merge, crop and rearrange pages in your PDF documents. Its intuitive and interactive user interface helps a great deal in the PDF editing process.

Why go for PDF-Shuffler;

•    Easy to re-order, rotate, crop or remove pages, split or merge PDF files in an interactive user interface, small size.

Where PDF-Shuffler falls short;

•    Lacking some features available in other PDF editors.


The PDF editors listed above are meant to help you save time and improve your efficiency as you work. With plenty of options available all you need to do is just chose one and get going.


techinplanet staff

techinplanet staff

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